Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Back


I'm back after 3 years of living my life without a personal blog. (3 years already?)

Lot of things happened in the mean time.
Went back to school for a year, purchased my own first (2nd hand) car, secured a job as a teacher (never in my life I envisioned myself becoming a teacher but somehow I've come to love it)

And the most important thing is i'm still together and madly in love with my boyfriend of 7 years, MN. :)

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better than this, my FPIL decided to send a rombongan (just the two of them actually) to merisik (or was it meminang ?) me on last 3 weeks, during the school's mid term holidays.

From that moment on, I knew they had woken up the bridezilla in me. :)
Oh, it is so on.

The thing is, my dear MN is not in his healthiest condition at the moment. He had been in an unfortunate accident which took place 2 months back. There are still lots of things/procedures need to be done but i could see that he's recovering pretty fast.

He may or may not notice it yet, but my dear MN is one tough guy. Life has thrown him just about anything, and each time, he would still be able to get up and face all these difficulties. I'm so proud of him and please get well soon sayang!

For that reason, both of our parents haven't decided the date of our engagement yet let alone our wedding date. Even I myself agree with it as I always picture our engagement day with the presence of both of us. I want him to be there with me.


I don't want to take this as an excuse to not to start off my engagement and wedding preps. Now that the bridezilla mode is on, I'm all fired up to get myself busy with all the preps. Let us hope that I'm not gonna be hangat-hangat tahi ayam on this (remember 3 years?).

Now, where do i start?
(*scratching head*)


Anonymous said...

welcome back old timer..

bLuDaa said...

old ke aku ni..
anyway mekasih sayang..
(hah, ingat org x tau ?)

linda said...

akak welkam back. saya dah lama x follow blog akak. u inspired me u know..

rozaimi said...

huh lama betol beliau menghilang...
beliau mmg antara blogger yg d segani.... terus kan...chaiyok..

bLuDaa said...

linda : cene nk follow klo akak pn lame x update. thanks anyway :)

rozaimi : blogger yg disegani tu overstatement tau. thanks anyway :)

n i R @ said...

hoh..back on board old friend?!!

measa said...

yeah..finally u are back!