Friday, July 01, 2011

Batang Aiskrim Boy

In my Year 1 class, there is one mischievous Indian boy whose only life goal at the present is to come to school and play all day long, only to take few minutes break to pee and get back to his play afterwards.

He always moves around and never sit still. NEVER.

Yesterday, during my lesson, I caught him in a middle of popsicle sticks game with his friends. The kind of game where you slap your hands on the surface of anything flat (desk, floor) that caused the sticks to be lifted out because of the blow.

Sure enough, I confiscated his popsicle sticks despite of him begging me not to.

Which caused nothing but trouble to me later, because he kept coming back to me and asking for my sympathy to hand back his beloved popsicle sticks.

Wearing a taubat nasuha face, he pleads,
" Teacher, please give me back my batang... "

And I tried my hard not to faint.


siti said...


hakim said...

eerr, knp entry kali ni mcm ber baur 18sx ja...huhuu

bLuDaa said...

siti : itula, nk pensan rs..

hakim : don't take it too serious, i bukan pervert tau, just find it funny when bdk says it dgn muka x bsalah, not that i ni pedophile lak.

linda said...

hahaa so funny la kan..
mcm best je jd cikgu kan...

Anonymous said...